Sunday, January 29, 2012

McGwire Defeats Sosa in Epic Aussie Open

It took nearly six hours for Mark McGwire to down Sammy Sosa in the longest grand slam tennis final in history.  McGwire's feat is even more impressive considering it came just two days after his nearly five hour semi-final victory.

The Spanish cycling and soccer teams sent along their congratulations.

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Jon Winegardner said...

What people are overlooking is Lance Armstrong's first round win over Ben Johnson. Lance gave Ben the famous "look" he gave Jan Ulrich on the Alp D'uez segment of the Tour de France. Are you coming with me or not Jan? Of course Lance knew the answer, just like when he broke Ben at 4-all in the fifth set. The look in Ben's watery, yellow eyes told the rest of the story. Good day.