Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soft Courts

I've been looking into affordable soft tennis courts lately. Clay in Colorado, and other dry climates, is an expensive pain. Grass is a pain everywhere. The soft Rebound Ace type courts are not what I'm looking for, too high a coefficient of friction. I want soft courts that allow sliding, like clay.

Omni and Classic Clay are two that I've tried recently. The Omni has sand, almost dirt, on top of an artificial grass surface. Pretty good. It gets my socks and legs dirty, but the playability is good, good traction with sliding to stop at high speeds. The ball bounces are pretty true and of decent height. Classic Clay is good, too. That's a less dirty product. The surface seems softer than the Omni and has a lower bounce, I thought.

On the USTA's tournaments web site I saw that a high school in Minnesota, Brooklyn Center High School, has artificial grass courts. They look to be Omni. I'm curious if there are any other high schools in the US that have soft tennis courts -- grass, clay, carpet, artificial grass or clay.