Friday, December 09, 2011

B.E.S.T System

I am highly skeptical of the role of coaching, particularly when it comes to telling tennis players how to hit the ball.  I don't think we coaches know much about mechanics and I think we know less about helping players learn proper mechanics, if proper mechanics even exist.

There is one notable exception.  Brian Gordon has done extensive, quantitative, precise work on tennis mechanics.  He has the science education and more importantly the science experience to back up what he says.  Brian and Rick Macci have worked to put together a method for teaching highly advanced stroking techniques.  I haven't seen or evaluated their teaching progression, yet, but based upon what I know of Brian, I'm betting it's many steps ahead of what most of us coaches are doing.

I highly recommend you visit his site 3D Tennis Technologies and have a look around.  The best information on the B.E.S.T System is a bit hard to find.  Click the Enter Here button under the Information Zone.  See below.

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