Sunday, April 10, 2005

Can't Win

I'm watching the Masters golf tournament today. Lanny Wadkins just said that Tiger was playing defensively, trying to avoid mistakes. "When you're trying to avoid mistakes, that's when you make them," Wadkins said. "Definitely," agreed Bobby Clampett.

Of course, one of the themes of Masters week, and of major golf championships in general, is that when you get behind and have to play agressively, that's when the course will bite you. Phil Mickelson said that very thing about Augusta National last night.

So which is it? My guess is that Mickelson is correct and that aggressive play sooner or later will get you on tough golf courses. On what do Wadkins, Clampett and others base their opinion that playing defensively brings on mistakes?

Maybe commentators just have to have something to say to add to the drama and it doesn't really matter so much what they say, as long as they say something.

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